the Mineral Spring in your kitchen with SMARTER WATER   Find out how.

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KoolongaviPluming is the emergency plumber. You can trust us to offer you the best service and workmanship guaranteed!. Emergency calls get priority over other appointments so you can be assured that you are getting the best service possible. We will establish the urgency and allocate an emergency plumber to your problem straight away
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    QBSA Licence No#: 1067980
    NSW Licence No#: 146301C
    Plumber Licence No#: P22090
    Drainer Licence No#: D22040
    Gas Work No#: L293331
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We deliver the best plumbing solutions for repairing, product and installation services.
  • Burst or Leaking Water Pipes: We specialise in Rehue, Profit, Yorkflex, K2 and Austpex. We also stock copper and poly pipes for
    that quick fix.
  • Installing water saving devices on older tapware is easily done at a reasonable cost.
  • Leaking Taps and Toilets: Are water wasters - receive a 12 month written guarantee on all the taps and toilets we service.  
  • New Water Pipes, Copper, Poly, Rehue, Profit, Yorkflex, K2 and Austpex.
  • New Plumbing for Bathrooms and Kitchens Renovation. Our range of services and experienced plumbers will ensure all work is on schedule and finished to the highest standards.
  • Blocked Drains. We will unblock drains using the electric eel or for the more challenging drain we use 4000 PSI water jet.
  • Drain Cam & Drain locating. Our Navitrack location equipment can pin-point faults, provide accurate solution and reduce costs.
  • Drain Jetting. Our latest machine can break through the toughest blockages of grease, sludge, roots and or gravel. It is very effective on blocked stormwater drains.
  • Sewer & Stormwater Repairs. Repairs to underground and or concealed pipework is expensive. We guarantee materials and workmanship will match or exceed local council or AS3500 requirements.
  • Complete Drain Replacement. Whether it is a sink drain or a completely new sewer we have the experience and equipment to undertake any project.
  • Pipe Reline. This is where a sleave is placed in the drain, expanded and sets in place to cover cracks, breaks and tree root intrusion.
We sell and install WATERPHYSICS®
Like a Mineral Spring in your kitchen! Whether you own your home, or are renting, perhaps already have a waterfilter, we have an affordable, smarter water solution for you.

  • Overflowing or leaking hot water tank.
  • The water heater runs out quickly or only produces warm water
  • Slow hot water recovery due to sediment build-up.
  • Popping or banging noise coming from the hot water tank.
  • Temperature pressure relief (TPR) valve is leaking.
  • Discoloured water or unsightly smell coming from the hot water tank.
YousPlumbing are expert hot water plumbers repairing and fixing problems with hot water systems, hot water tank servicing and can also install a full range of hot water heaters as well. Problems can occur with hot water systems from internal rust, sediment build up, incorrectly installed water heaters or basic neglect. These are common problems or hot water repairs associated with hot water systems.
  • Tank and pump installations
  • Roof plumbing

    Rainwater run-off from your roof can be stored in a rainwater tank and can provide a valuable source of water for flushing toilets, washing machines, watering gardens and washing cars. Don’t pour your money down the drain! Install a water tank today!! Help to save our most precious resource, Call us about arainwater system installation today!!! At YousPlumbing we take advantage
    our years of experience in water tank installation and water conservation and pass on the knowledge to you! We guarantee to provide you with a quality rainwater tank installation service, quality rainwater advice and quality rainwater harvesting products. This makes it easy to choose the right water tankand pump installation for your rainwater collection needs. Our rain water tanks are manufactured
    in Australia by the leading polyethylene rainwater tank manufacturers on the market.
  • LPG and natural gas (mains gas) installations. Mains gas or bottles we are able to undertake all areas of gas piping, appliance installations and service work. Gas Certificates for caravans and camper vans is a specialty and we will come to you
  • .
  • Gas Conversion. Cooktops, ovens, stoves & BBQ conversions.. All new installations will be supplied with a Gas Compliance certificate as required by the gas authority.
  • Gas leaks. We have a licensed gasfitter to ensure quick service that will fix the problem and provide a gas compliance certificate when completed.
  • Pipe upgrades. Upgrade today it's quick and easy. All new installations will be supplied with a Gas Compliance certificate as required by the gas authority.
  • Bath room & Kitchen Renovation
  • Planning and Consulting
  • Backyard Makeover
Whether you are extending the house or updating an old style kitchen or bathroom, you are most likely going to need a plumber. YousPlumbing has many years of experience in renovation work that will show when you need someone who can work with other trades people, so that your renovation takes weeks rather than months. We will fit your new room up in the way you want, that is timely and cost effective. YousPlumbing offer a full range of services that can make a renovation so much easier Please call us now on 1300 781 816 or contact us!
  • A regular check up for RPZ, backflow valve and thermostatic mixing valve
  • Gas leaks : We issue a gas compliance certific after being fixed.
- RPZ, backflow valve and thermostatic mixing valve now require testing on a regular bases. Installing or certifying these devices require us
to undertake additional training and licensing. We are able to provide a fast service and provide you with the correct documentation for your compliance needs.

- Gas leaks. We apply a high level of urgency on gas leaks. Our four licensed gasfitters ensures we will be on the job quickly, once fixed we provide a gas compliance certificate.
  • Outdoor/Indoor Water Features
  • Greywater Distribution
  • Spa Plumbing
  • Ask us what we can do for you.
We can consult and plan your garden with water feature including outdoor spa bath and our team will set up your garden quickly. Grey water is household waste water from the bathroom, hand basin, shower, and laundry. We can install your household with a grey water recycling system so you can treat and recycle grey water for productive uses such watering gardens, yards and plants. They can insure that your grey water system is installed and operated in such a way that it will not harm the environment and will ensure the system is in line with the codes of practice for reuse of grey water in our state. Ask us whatever you are planning and we will give you the best answer.